Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bored day part 2

Rainy day but no rainbow ! . . .

War War World
Old Friends

Bored Day

Good Morning Everyone a . . . . i wanna talk something but I can't speak english verymuch. and i don't want to use dictonary. soo, just watch this :D

Hallo Buddy
Nyoo :3
Jason Mraz Drawing
Just Walking Arround


Do You Like Drawing, make illustrations, and painting ? Yeah, me too It's Soooo Fun

Robot & Dools
I dont know what is this, but maybe a rat . . .


My New Blog

Hallo Buddy 

This is my new blog, Thanks to come here, and enjoy my arkwork 

Sketch In Sunday Morning 

That was me, looks like japanese huh, but im not japanese.

Chrissensia With Her Flower
And This is My Girlfriend, ow. she is beautiful for me

Me & You
Tadaaa, This is my sticker "lovely sticker"